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My husband loves this word… Juxtaposition.  And by “loves this word”, I mean… he mostly likes to make fun of it’s common use in the artsy realm.  He’s got nothing against this realm.  He would just much rather build robots, or make stuff explode with his pellet gun.  And he likes to find any silly reason to use the word “juxtaposition” in his sentences and daily banter.  It’s part of his funny way of entering my world for a few moments in his busy day… where he might stop and hug me and make me laugh.  We bicker a lot, like any couple would, but it always comes back to laughter.


We, him and I, are in fact… a juxtaposition… of epic proportions.  We couldn’t be any more so.  Him with his power tools, technical savvy, and “guy” stuff…Me with my paint brushes, and belly dancing, and “girly” stuff… we are just that.  Juxtaposed.  Our personalities are very distinct, but somehow complimentary spices in our recipe… our relationship.  It’s peanut butter an jelly.  It’s apple sauce and pork.  It’s red wine and pizza. It just works.  I am not sure if it works because we are opposite, or if it works in spite of it.  Maybe it’s because he can cook. And I am terrible at it.  🙂  But don’t get me wrong… this little juxtaposition we have going on here can be incredibly frustrating and utterly exhausting. 

PB & jellyIt terrifies me knowing that someday… one of us will inevitably go.  Yup… that’s just part of it all.  Morbid, I know.  But I hope until then, this juxtaposition will be strong enough to withstand life’s tumultuous, yet so very delicate nature.

In the end, it’s the one that matters most.

IMG_5593 IMG_5592

IMG_5595xo skyblue

This post was inspired by this weeks WP Photo Challenge.

Graveyard Photos: walking with my friend, also my belly dance teacher, in a cemetery near her house… Probably taken with one of my digital cameras. 

Other Photos: stuff in my house.

From Daydream to The Bohemian Zen Love Den… Spicy!

Artwork – Daydream – by Henri Matisse

every day from about 8am to 5pm, i sit in my cubicle, type on a computer, and daydream.  i somehow manage to do my job quite efficiently, and with an outwardly sincere enthusiasm, but i have to confess my sin… Most of the day, while i am typing… I am daydreaming.  seriously daydreaming.  this morning i clearly recall doing yoga in the grass, and flea market hopping with one of my besties. Just before lunch, i think i was driving from Austin to Denver with my husband and a sick camera, listening to happy road trip songs, eating Twizzlers.  It doesn’t really help the day go by, but it beats focusing on reality.

And many days, likely to the dismay of my boss if she ever read this (God forbid), i dream about designing a home for my family from top to bottom.  i can design a whole room before lunchtime.  I could never do a fancy drawing of it, but in my head i am a sought after, free lance designer with a team of hot HGTV carpenters and design experts on hand.  Whenever I really need to escape… i am sharing notes with my beloved Design Stars, David Bromstad and Antonio Ballatore – sharing a morning coffee, planning out a project together with our colored pencils and Chewie.

So, occasionally i succeed in bringing one of my daydreams to life.  Or at least the best i can, minus loads of talent and money.  My recent obsession has been creating a new bedroom.  I have imagined every corner transforming… the room becoming a colorful, tranquil retreat.  The plan was to make a space – the space that we begin and end each day with – that would rejuvenate our spirits and remove some of the stagnant energy from our home.  I have spent hours dreaming, between phone calls, “TPS” reports, and meetings, thinking about this room… and a beautiful chair that my husband surprised me with one day.  I imagined how i could surround it with the room it so deserved.

image - Office Space

And so the love den was born.

This is the room as i have done my best with over the years… Cozy Chaotic I think i would call it.  I loved the bed…  but was a dust collector, and it just needed to go.  And the purple… what a hot mess.  What was i ever thinking?  (My husband wonders this also). This would be the purple room challenge.

The over hall was challenging.  Basically we de-popcorned the ceiling, replaced the carpet, replaced the molding, and painted every surface.  We did it all ourselves, except for the carpet installation.  We had a surprising amount of fun… there were long, long hours on the weekends, late nights after work… an experience that i am so glad is over, but will always cherish.  It looked a little something like this as we began the process…

We finally put in the carpet and moved back in a few weeks ago.  Somehow we are still together… in fact, i think we like each other even more.

There is no new bed yet, and I am still painting furniture… but little by little we add the details, color and art.  It already feels like a new world.  I could curl up and read in in there for hours.  The morning sunlight feels whimsical and warm.  I laid on our “new” bed for the first time and thought, bohemian zen.

I tucked a secret letter under the new carpeting, for the future owners of our home to find (along with some pretty decent hard wood floors)… maybe in a hundred years or more.

Our spicy new bedroom is no Fifty Shades or Grey, but it is two or three very lovely shades, and I am optimistic that it won’t hurt the love life.  Besides, i don’t think I’m quite that adventurous.

The chair’s special corner is not complete, but here is a peak at its fabric and the view from it’s cozy new spot where i will read books, sketch nudes, and sip tea.

Stop in later for the big reveal.

Until then, I hope i have you thinking about giving your own bedroom some love…and a little spice!

What is your design style?  If you like the grey walls… find some other ideas here.

skyblue. xo

p.s. David is hosting Design Star Tuesdays 9/8c…they certainly don’t need my advertisement, but it’s looking to be a great season…  White room challenge is up next!