Peace, Love and Facebook

I know you have all been sitting by your computers dying to know where I’ve been and what I have been up to.  I’ve been here, and there, not sure if I’m coming or going.  I probably have a dozen half finished posts and I can’t seem to finish a single one.  It’s always a photo I’m missing, or a paragraph that makes no sense.  Sometimes I just lose my nerve and I am afraid to post..  Afraid?  That’s silly.  Maybe my post is stupid, and nobody cares… but no one has ever really been mean to me on WordPress, or anywhere online for that matter. In fact most everyone has been super nice!   And I’m pretty sure I’m not going to cause much controversy or ruffle anyone’s feathers with my silly little blog about dragonfly’s, kitty cats, daisies, flea markets, cupcakes, holding hands, ice cream, willow trees, sunrises, dancing, cups of tea, love birds, rainbows, best friends.   Actually… i haven’t written about at least half of those items yet, so I better get to work.

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Speaking of getting to work… November came and went and I still haven’t posted the giveaway for the Sky Blue 2014 Yoga Gypsy calendar.  I’ve spent way too much time trying to make sense of the Facebook rules, trying to figure out if i need to use a third party app, worrying that only one person will enter… what i need to be doing is making some art.  Writing, and making art.  But unfortunately these are all necessary evils, part of sharing your art with the world.  I’m just going to do the best I can and get done what needs to be done, and hope I don’t get kicked off Facebook.

Tomorrow, Monday December 9, I will be posting a Facebook giveaway for the Yoga Gypsy calendar.  Does Yoga Gypsy have healing powers? I’m pretty sure she does. The longer you look at her, the more at peace you feel.  How did the calendar come about?  One day, I thought it would be fun to play with the original pencil drawing in my photo edit software, and I couldn’t stop looking at her in every shade of blue, and orange, and pink, and on an on… each color making me feel a bit different.   I thought others might enjoy her zen-like presence in many colors as well, and a calendar can offer that.  Besides… once the year is over, you are left with 12 adorable prints, with which you can make an Andy Warhol-ish collage, give to friends, or keep to enjoy her peaceful glow in a rainbow of colors every year.  Read more about Yoga Gypsy’s story from this earlier post.

I hope you will visit (and Like if I’m lucky!) the Sky Blue With Daisies Facebook page, and tomorrow, I hope you will be on the lookout for the giveaway post.

The winner will be announced later this week!

xo skyblue

2014 Yoga gypsy Calendar Image

Addicted to Flea’s…

I recently attended the Elephant’s Truck Flea Market in New Milford, CT and couldn’t resist snapping a few photos.  Ok, so i took 183 photos, but here I will only share 47 (i have editing issues).  (-:

i really can’t help myself.  The camera just starts clicking away.  I occasionally share my flea market adventures here.  They are a huge source of inspiration and i always go home wanting to create.

The vendors are so interesting and lovely, with their sun-ripened skin and tired smiles.  i was dying to photograph some of the people we encountered, but i don’t have the nerve.  I don’t even know the polite and professional way to go about that.  I should google it i suppose.

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For now, we’ll enjoy these images of some of the treasures i saw, and think about the stories they could tell.  I wonder who owned that…  I wonder who made that… I wonder what countries it has traveled to…  My head spins with all the wondering!

I always find a few things that i must have, and i usually end up spending way more than i should.  But seriously it’s the items that choose me.  I merely hand over the adoption fees.

I predict you might see one or more of these particular treasures posing gracefully in Little Orange Studio…

Do you know of a great flea market?  Please share!  I have an imaginary road-trip to plan!

xo skyblue

Brooklyn Flea – Check!

so i never did write about my afternoon at the Brooklyn Flea, did i?

I’m not one to create a bucket list, but if i had one, this would be on it… several times.  If you read “Big Lights…” you heard that i spent a lovely weekend in NYC a few months back with some of my dearest loved ones.  During our jam-packed fun-filled weekend, these people were sweet enough to spend a few hours with me, weaving through countless rows of humble, hand made treasures & forlorn, unwanted stuff, begging for someone to love them… give them new life, a hip home.  I have fantasized about spending time at the The Flea ever since i saw a TV story about the two guys who started it, and the people who pursue their creative, entrepreneurial dreams there.  I really couldn’t believe i was at The Brooklyn Fleeeeeeea!!!  I tried to document how happy i felt to be there.

Although i love my tiny home in the suburbs, i long to walk out my front door and find something unexpected around ever corner for miles and miles, in every direction.  Colorful people, interesting architecture, giant art…So much to enjoy and take photos of.  Maybe if the Brooklyn Flea was in my backyard, I would not see the magic that is there, behind rusted chain link fences… the weathered objects modestly posing for passers by, the humming voices of friends and strangers, the delicious smells and warm sunshine. My only wish about that day is that i had some cash to burn… maybe next time.  This time i was happy to stroll through with my point-n-shoot, and take in the invigorating energy that i was surrounded by.  This was a good day… made even better by the Ample Hills ice-cream.

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If I did have a bucket list, it would not be filled with sky diving adventures, extreme mountain climbing or triathlons.  This is just not me.

It would, however, be filled with the most colorful places, and the most creative friendly faces.  And i would find a way to include lots of cupcakes and ice-cream.

Have a good day… a really good day.

e.j.l. xo

What would be on your list?  Have you done anything on it yet?

Big lights will inspire you

Nothing energizes me and exhausts me, so acutely and simultaneously, as a busy weekend in New York City…especially a gorgeous sunny October weekend.  I can barely walk afterwards, i always gain about five pounds, but I can’t stop thinking about it’s beauty for days and weeks afterwards.  Beautiful streets, beautiful people…my senses max out as i try to take in every building, every face, every color, every word in lights.  I’d add, every smell… but there a few of those I could do without.  Many are delicious and lovely of course!  I feel like i am being yanked in fifty directions by sticky peanuts, greasy hotdogs, giant cookies, and tiny cupcakes.  Did I mention the pizza and ice-cream?  Ample Hills, Brooklyn, Shout-Out!!!

I often long to live in the city, to be able to experience it’s rich brilliance day in and day out, to be able to walk outside for miles and miles.  But visiting is pretty great too.  I tend to take a LOT of photos while i am there.  Someday I’ll get my “real” camera, and a clue how to use it, but for now I must express myself with my husband’s point and shoot.   This past weekend in NYC was especially breathtaking.  Thanks for coming with me, Amanda! Thanks again for having us Mel, Sean and Teru!

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absolutely inspired, sore as f*ck, and always hungry,

e.j.l. xOO

p.s. i think the only thing i forgot to take a picture of was the Ample Hills ice-cream shop in Brooklyn… i was very distracted.

p.s.s.  Brooklyn Flea… I did not forget about you!  I will save a separate blog post just for you!  (-:

Brooklyn Flea, Here I Come!

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I recently went to a great flea market in CT.  It wasn’t anywhere near my house, but it was in CT and i appreciate that.  The Elephant’s Trunk was my first big flea market in such a long time, and oh my… it was delightful!  My husband had other words to describe it, but he enjoyed the fried dough.  He was a pretty good sport considering there were probably 800 other things he’d rather be doing, including getting his teeth cleaned.  We strolled up and down the isles overflowing with treasures… i saw a dozen things i thought i just had to have.  But I passed on most everything and only spent a dollar, and then we shared the dough and a root beer.  I thought it was a good time.  And it got my creative juices going.

Anyway, fleas are my newest mini-obsession.  Even though I’ve never been there, the Brooklyn Flea is my new favorite.  I love the story about the people who created it.  I will be going there soon I’ve decided.  Husband will not be invited on that trip.  I will spend all day there with my camera, my backpack, and some Twizzlers.  I will spend much more than a dollar. No one will stop me.  No one will rush me.

Really fantastic fleas are the sort of experiences i really crave and miss living out in the burbs of CT.  But I can always read blogs about fleas!  And I will go to the Brooklyn Flea.   It won’t be long…  I can feel it!

Anyone want to join me?  Mel?  Karen?  Careesah?  Amie?  You know you want to!  I will share my Twizzlers.

e.j.l. xo