Thank you!

Well, part of my order for Peace on Earth came in today!  This is the first time i am seeing the actual products.  The cards are still in transit to my house, but the stamps are adorable… and yes, they are real stamps.  (Why does everyone keep asking me that?)  (-:

It was probably somewhat bold of me to go ahead and peddle my products before I actually saw the products, but I had to meet a deadline…and it’s for a good cause!  I did loads of research so I’m confident Zazzle will do a great job with printing.  If not, I will just have to implement Plan B… which is yet to be determined.

So anyway, thank you to those of you who already made a purchase on good faith, as I basically wing it.  For those of you who would like a closer look first, I will post the photos here as i receive them.  Here are the stamps…

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xo skyblue