Creative Juices… Evaporated.

Paralyzed.  Completely paralyzed by, I’m not sure what… fear? lack of talent? winter blues?   Whatever it is, I can’t get the paint from the brush to the canvas.  I can’t type a single word without being consumed by doubt and negative voices in my head. Even now, as I type my first blog post in months, all I hear are the bullies in my head telling me, give it up.  Nobody cares. 

I know I’m not the only person to experience this,  yet I find myself feeling very alone on this island. Mostly because I know the obstacles I face are all within me, of my own making.  There is no inspirational book, website or video that can help me.  There’s no friend I can call for encouragement.  There’s no psychedelic drug I can smoke, although that would be groovy.  I know at some point I just have to put on my big girl pants and do the work.

But for now Little Orange Studio sits cold and empty, an occasional paint stroke here or there.

I’ll see you around sometime… hopefully soon… covered in glitter and paint.

xo skyblue


8 thoughts on “Creative Juices… Evaporated.

  1. Hmmm… maybe paint a little orange studio that glows surrounded by blue cold winter… because you just made a pretty magic image in my head with your words…

    I just now stumbled upon your blog as I was perusing the art section… and I feel your muse must be near by… as all her colors and sparkles are there in the picture… protected by some awesome sock monkeys. 🙂

  2. Been there-am there-that same boring, mind twisting, down the rabbit hole, blech and why bother point. Am trying to wiggle my way out of it, and maybe it’s slowly coming. You and I should have a karmic art challenge to push each other into the next direction, next steps. Nothing like some artistic camaraderie to force the gears into motion again lol…it will come…Annie

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