Living Art: Nicoletta Ceccoli’s Delicious World

One day, your favorite piece of art — a famous painting or sculpture, the graffiti next door — comes to life. What happens next?

Every time i look at her art it feels like I enter a different world.  If, heaven forbid, someone told me I could never look art again, but they would let me choose one artist that I could still look at and i had to do so within 30 seconds… I would have to say it would be Nicoletta Ceccoli’s art. I can look over and over, and each time I feel like i’m entering a world that i might get lost in.   A world that is dark and terrifying, but so enticing and whimsical there could be no turning back.  If I could eat her art, I would be three thousand pounds.

Enter at your own risk… and sugary delight!

Is there an artist that makes you feel this way?  (writer, poet, dancer, musician…?)

xo skyblue

inspired by the Daily Prompt: Living Art.

5 thoughts on “Living Art: Nicoletta Ceccoli’s Delicious World

  1. Each one of these pieces you’ve shared is a story within a story. The narrative found in each image is profound – some skid on the macabre while others are a bit less ‘biting.’ Ms. Ceccoli is indeed a powerful talent with an equally powerful imagination. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous things!
    AnnMarie 🙂

    • Hi AnnMarie! Sometimes i miss comments but eventually i get to them. I’m so glad you enjoyed Ms. Ceccoli… i knew i couldn’t be the only one entirely moved by “these gorgeous things” (i love it!) 🙂 Cheers!

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