Thoughts of Mom and the Matryoshka Dolls


I am not sure why I keep thinking about them lately, but those little Russian nesting dolls have me captivated lately.  Their faces, colors, little aprons…  I have such a fond, but vague memory of them being in my life somehow when i was small… but i loved them then, and i am so glad to be revisiting my childhood through them.  They make me think of my mom, and that feeling of being little and safe in her care.  I am pretty sure we spent almost every day together until my first day of Kindergarten.  That was not easy… for either one of us.  But she got me on that bus and sent me out into the world, and it was great… Kindergarten had lots of crayons, and snacks!  But it still was never easy, leaving my mom.

me and my mum - sketch

It didn’t get much easier as I left her again and again, for school, life, and marriage… but we will always be part of each other, wherever we go.

That’s what the Matryoshkas remind me of.

xo skyblue

me and my mum.

me and my mum.

* artwork originally posted yesterday in my post: Art is my child. It’s a girl!

* Dolls photographed above can be purchased at


3 thoughts on “Thoughts of Mom and the Matryoshka Dolls

  1. How lovely that you think of your mom in such a fond way. I have many old nesting dolls on my mantle given to me by my mother-in-law. They are terrific things and they look at my family every night and hang with us.
    Your art is whimsical, fresh and poignant but most importantly it’s connected to fond memories – the best kind of art…

    • Hello AnnMarie! wow! Many warm thanks!! i am so glad you stopped to visit for a while. One of my favorite things about writing is the vivid memories it stirs up. I see you also have a very artsy blog. 🙂 i read about your mom and her new kayak. How sweet. See you again! cheers! erica ~skyblue

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