Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

IMG_5908Predictable, I know.  More cats.

… but when I think Window, I can’t help thinking about my cats.  I sometimes wonder if I’m doing the right thing, keeping them inside… not letting them roam free in the woods and the streets.  I figured the least I could do, when we looked for a new home, was make sure our first cat, Stewie would have plenty of sunny windows to lounge in.  He had no windows to enjoy at our last place, since the ones we had were all tightly covered for safety and heating purposes.

Now Stewie and his younger sister Olive, have plenty of windows for sunbathing, birdwatching, and catching a breeze.  It makes me happy to see them in their windows, enjoying the warm sunshine and sniffing the fresh air.

This one is in our front room, where they like to watch cars and people go by, and the birds flying to the old maple tree and the feeder.  This is also where we often see them waiting for us when we come home from work, right before they arch their backs in a lazy stretch, and jump down to greet us at the door.

Who waits in your window?

xo skyblue

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

  1. It’s much kinder to leave your cats inside, where they are safe and warm. It’s too easy to get hurt or killed outdoors. My cats have never been outside and perfectly content with their windows. They cannot miss what they don’t know. I would hate to have one of my cats go outside and be hurt by a car, person or predator.

    • thank you JackieP! it helps to hear what others say about it… i know it would break my heart for something to happen to them… and there are just so many dangers out there. i have to get over my guilt. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  2. I love the picture… and your cat is so photogenic ^^ But I would like to take some of your worried about the outside. Cats will figure their way out, just give them some time to learn about the new environment, they would not have been around for that long if the outside was harmful to them 😉 You´ll see, soon they will bring you wild mice as a sign of thankfulness (ew, I know, but they mean it well <3). I have cats too, so if you want any info about it, feel free to ask, and keep posting, I love your blog!

    • thanks Vine! It’s on my mind a lot. I appreciate your advice! I always assumed i was a “dog” person, until i had cats… and realized it was about the cats all along. (don’t get me wrong, i’m mush in a puddle for all of them!) Anyway, they make us really happy 🙂 Thank you for your visit and nice comments! cheers!!

      • You´re welcome! ❤ I actually felt exactly the same before I got my cat (as a substitute for a dog, by the way :P) and I was just thankfullness ever since!
        On the outside matter, I would recommend to talk to your vet about it, after all, he went through vet school and knows more than any of us about cats. I hope, however, that your cats have a nice big cat tree to practice climbing and enough space inside not to fall on each other´s nerves 😉

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  4. I adore this picture of your kitty! I have a little girl kitty just like your grey kitty. She loves to look out the window too. This is a very beautiful picture! When I rescued my two kitty’s around four years ago I swore I wouldn’t let them outside since I had one disappear and thus why I was even entertaining the thought of getting two at once. But after a year and a half, I started walking them on a leash, they were captivated, and happy outside. I shouldn’t have taken them outside in the first place because it just led to them being able to go out by themselves in the end. My little girl (grey kitty) she is a fair weather kitty. If it is raining, snowing, or cold she would just rather stay in and lounge around. But summer time she is out having fun climbing trees, and slinking through the grass. But she is always the one in the window when we come home from work each day. We also have a Blue point, he is white with small amounts of yellowish orange on his ears, spine and tail. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes that are hard to capture on camera, but he is the happiest outside and I could never keep him from going out there now knowing what a great hunter he is, he enjoys it so much!!! It is hard, because they are my babies and I don’t want them hurt either. They come in to go to bed in the evening when it gets dark and I don’t let them out until daylight. It is their routine. We live in the forest, where there are cougars, bobcats, bears, raccoon, nutrias, and large birds that are all a threat to my babies. We also have two dogs that hang around outside on occasion that helps keep the predators at bay.
    I just found your blog yesterday, and learned we have a lot in common, I will be back again to see what you have been up to. Your art work has inspired me today! Thank you! Kristine

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