Even if you are a delicate flower you can be a bad ass about it.

Always Beautiful RightHalf - CroppedMake your creative dreams happen… let’s do this together!

You might as well start with this lovely 2014 calendar.  Fans of my Facebook page will have a chance to win one later this month, or you might decide to buy one for someone you love.

2014 Yoga gypsy Calendar Image

xo skyblue

5 thoughts on “Even if you are a delicate flower you can be a bad ass about it.

    • Hi Dakota! Hang in just a bit and see if you might win it! I’m trying to do a little contest on Facebook but i want to make sure i do it correctly. Your chances of winning should be great since I’m not exactly famous. 🙂 see you soon, and most importantly, thank you so much!

    • Hello Foothills! I sometimes miss comments because i’m disorganized and flighty, but i do try to reply to every single visitor. So a little late, but hello, and thank you! I am all over the place with art, my blog, facebook, trying to keep up with all of it… life was much simpler before the internet, but i guess not as fun! 🙂 I love wordpress because i can learn so much about other people and ways of life, and connecting with writers and artists i could not have otherwise. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, and enjoying nature! ~erica

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