The Creative Daisy Art Project… first design finally revealed!



Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Wow, we are well into October already… time for us to get out our PINK and raise some awareness. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in full pink regalia.  I am not alone in my mixed emotions about all the pink fuss.  But I happen to be a hardcore fan of the color pink, and I fully support the donning of all its shades where intentions are sincere. 

An event, and cause, at the company I work for, is one such place this sincerity is found.  The other day, the first design from TheCreativeDaisyArtProject made its debut at this event.  Peace on Earth is now available, and 100% of the proceeds I earn for any item in this design will be donated to causes providing breast cancer treatments and prevention.

The card is available in folding or postcard style, and there are also matching stamps that can be purchased separately. We can create other products in this design upon request.

This is the first of many drawings, photos, sketches and paintings being created and collected for the sole purposes of raising some cash for various good causes, and spreading smiles and warm-fuzzies across the world.

Please visit the link below if you would like to make a purchase.

My intention is to post periodically and regularly about the project, it’s target causes, and the people behind the art.  You can visit my dedicated blog, which will include updates on funds donated, and more details about the project.

Thank you for your kindness.   Please pass on the pink, and feel free to share this link, TheCreativeDaisyArtProject, with your readers… your colleagues… your facebook friends! 

Have a happy, healthy holiday season!

                                                                        ~ xo sky blue

If you have questions, or if you would like to submit a design for the project, please feel free to email me:

~ I encourage women of all ages to perform regular self-checks, monitor your breast density, and consider a mammogram when the time is right for you.  And please spread the word!

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