Addicted to Flea’s…

I recently attended the Elephant’s Truck Flea Market in New Milford, CT and couldn’t resist snapping a few photos.  Ok, so i took 183 photos, but here I will only share 47 (i have editing issues).  (-:

i really can’t help myself.  The camera just starts clicking away.  I occasionally share my flea market adventures here.  They are a huge source of inspiration and i always go home wanting to create.

The vendors are so interesting and lovely, with their sun-ripened skin and tired smiles.  i was dying to photograph some of the people we encountered, but i don’t have the nerve.  I don’t even know the polite and professional way to go about that.  I should google it i suppose.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For now, we’ll enjoy these images of some of the treasures i saw, and think about the stories they could tell.  I wonder who owned that…  I wonder who made that… I wonder what countries it has traveled to…  My head spins with all the wondering!

I always find a few things that i must have, and i usually end up spending way more than i should.  But seriously it’s the items that choose me.  I merely hand over the adoption fees.

I predict you might see one or more of these particular treasures posing gracefully in Little Orange Studio…

Do you know of a great flea market?  Please share!  I have an imaginary road-trip to plan!

xo skyblue

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