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Being a new mom is tough (this is just speculation; I haven’t birthed one my own yet). Taking care of a baby is a full-time job, and after an intensive session of feeding, burping, changing, wiping and playing, those few hours of peace that children reward their mothers with during naptime are truly precious—so why not have a little fun with them?

Adele Enersen, a former ad copywriter and full-time mother who lives in Finland, thought to do just that when she created Mila’s Daydreams, a photo blog where she shares the whimsical dreams of her daughter, Mila, as she naps peacefully on canvases of colorful fabrics and household objects.

The blog went viral back in 2010, and in January 2011, Enerson compiled some of the best photos from the blog into her first book, When My Baby Dreams. Now, thanks in part to a similar book published…

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Addicted to Flea’s…

I recently attended the Elephant’s Truck Flea Market in New Milford, CT and couldn’t resist snapping a few photos.  Ok, so i took 183 photos, but here I will only share 47 (i have editing issues).  (-:

i really can’t help myself.  The camera just starts clicking away.  I occasionally share my flea market adventures here.  They are a huge source of inspiration and i always go home wanting to create.

The vendors are so interesting and lovely, with their sun-ripened skin and tired smiles.  i was dying to photograph some of the people we encountered, but i don’t have the nerve.  I don’t even know the polite and professional way to go about that.  I should google it i suppose.

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For now, we’ll enjoy these images of some of the treasures i saw, and think about the stories they could tell.  I wonder who owned that…  I wonder who made that… I wonder what countries it has traveled to…  My head spins with all the wondering!

I always find a few things that i must have, and i usually end up spending way more than i should.  But seriously it’s the items that choose me.  I merely hand over the adoption fees.

I predict you might see one or more of these particular treasures posing gracefully in Little Orange Studio…

Do you know of a great flea market?  Please share!  I have an imaginary road-trip to plan!

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