The art critic.

Are we truly living to our fullest potential in the spaces we live in?  Are we really getting the most out of those spaces?  We work hard, and pay a lot of money for the spaces we live in.  We might as well use them to best suit our own lifestyle and make the most of our lives.

For instance, you could have a room designed to make it easy, and fun to exercise. You could create an office to jump start your dream business.  Maybe you would like a colorful family art studio and game room. Have you thought about a romantic massage corner to spice things up?  How about a mini zen yoga retreat?

I have visited many houses that have a TV room, in addition to a formal living room.  I have seen many “spare bedrooms” that looks more like a hazardous storage room.  You too probably know someone who has a fancy dining room that gets used twice a year.

Why not ask yourself, “Do I have a space like this in my home?  How could I better utilize one of these spaces?  How could it better my life?”

With a little elbow grease, some creativity, a few Etsy treasures, and a trip to IKEA… you can make make your home more than just a living space… you can make it a LIVING space!  It can’t hurt… you might get inspired, and the most magical moments will happen there.

the art critic.

skyblue on a rainy day.


7 thoughts on “The art critic.

    • he is super handsome… he (and Olive, the other one) show up in many a blog post. (-: i’m glad someone loves being surrounded by pencils, etc like i do. i like to arrange them in different ways around my studio… wierd, i know. i should spend more time drawing! anyway your blog is fantastic… look forward to your adventures with the kids!

      • yeah! i like the idea of having pencils around, its comforting like a pillow fort when i was little! say hi to the kitties and thanks for stopping by!

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