Tiny Still Life – Skyblue’s first attempt at a photo series?

Look inside the studio of an artist, a dancer, a yoga instructor, you might find a window into one’s soul.  I am enamored by the spaces these individuals create… whether it’s neat and tidy with a purpose of design, or an organically evolved chaotic jungle of art.  There is always movement, color, surprise – nothing ever stays the same for long. There is no type of room or space I find more invigorating.

One can easily find a window into the lovely spaces of artists just by doing a quick Google search or picking up some of the gorgeous magazines that showcase them. Every artist has their own style, process, inspirations  – no two are EVER the same.  The depths of an artist’s heart and mind are right there in front of you, in the form of a remodeled attic, or a messy backyard shed.  Do they surround themselves with clutter and chaos, or colorful bins and tidy shelves?  What kind of music do they listen to, or are they surrounded by sounds of the city, or birds?  Do they drink coffee, eat Twizzlers or sip exotic tea?  I can’t get enough of the books, and art supplies, the beautiful sketches and unfinished paintings.  I am not partial to painters… there’s potters, furniture builders, and dress designers.  That list is infinite.

Much joy can be found is in taking a closer look.  There is so much beauty in the unfinished painting, the piles of random fabric, and the dirty paint brushes that might be found throughout an artist’s studio.  I love to stop and notice these moments in the creative process, grab my snappy and capture the spontaneous splashes of color and light that bring you closer to the creator that dwells there.  These can be very intimate moments for the artist, not always easily shared or understood.  They say a little something extra about the artist and the art that is created there.  It feels innocently voyeuristic and exciting, and gives the artwork so much added dimension.

One day I would love to be able to take the time to travel the cities and countryside, visiting artists, dancers and others in their studios.  I dream of taking my camera, and my notebook and spending sunny mornings with those who would invite me.  I would humbly observe the artist at work, capturing tiny moments in their process, and tiny still lifes in their studios… those that might never be noticed otherwise.

Until then, I can draw inspiration from the images shared on the internet, and from the objects in my own little orange studio.  I often get distracted from my work by the lovely little gatherings of treasures and art supplies that move throughout my studio on a daily and hourly basis.  I might be making a painting, or putting together a gift-basket, or doing some yoga, when suddenly my snappy takes over.  The resulting images are scattered throughout my blog here, but I’ve decided I really LOVE these moments, and get so much inspiration from them.

I share these moments of solitude and joy and beautiful chaos in hopes that others will find theirs, and share them if they choose… in hopes that others will notice them too.

Here goes.  This tiny still life just happens to be from a basket I gave dad for his birthday.

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Have your own tiny still life to share? Respond and link us to yours.

skyblue, xo.

10 thoughts on “Tiny Still Life – Skyblue’s first attempt at a photo series?

  1. thanks for stopping by my blog, for Liking and becoming a follower. The tai Chi post was an exception, mostly I write about the arts, art, my art.
    I liked your upbeat blog, your openness,and also your idea of going around to artists and dancers studios to record little still lifes! It is a great idea, you should do it and make a book.
    And the gift package for your dad looks great as does the orange still life. I am very curious about the ginger chews. Never heard of ’em.

    • i can’t wait to spend more time learning more about your art and your obvious passion for it. thank you so much for the encouragement… my dream is to make a book for my father. my mother too, but it is my father who has such a passion for books and has brought me closer to them. hope we will have more time to get to know each other!

      i know.. the ginger chews were so random..right? never saw them either. dad said they were good! (-: have a great day

      • yes, great to meet you too!
        I’m excited about your book, I love books.
        I’ll be looking forward to further developments on that one.

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