Confessions of a techically challenged, sometimes flaky, blogaholic.

Well… another lesson learned… somehow, in trying to tinker with my recent post, I deleted it.  entirely.  I didn’t even know you could do that.  Somehow i wiped out all evidence that it ever existed.  Or so I thought.  I figured out how to restore it under the “revisions” section, at least for the most part.  Thank goodness, because i was ugly for those 15 minutes I spent thinking it was lost forever.  In doing some more research, I also learned that my post didn’t post correctly because…I am ashamed to say… i have committed the ultimate sin of having too many tags on my post.  I am definitely not trying to clutter up WordPress… i am just indecisive, terrible at counting, and the post had a lot of “stuff” in it- but point understood, i get it now.  not a lot of tags.  15 Max!  Less is more!  i am learning on the fly (holla if you feel me), and this particular rule of etiquette is new for me. Oops, sorry friends. missed that one. This is not my first faux pas, and i am sure it will not my last!

Seriously, this whole blogging thing has my head spinning… and the formats keep changing (for the better typically) so I am doing my best to keep up.  But I love love love it – reading them, writing them, reading about them, fumbling around them, communicating with other readers and writers…. i feel at home here in the infinite blogosphere, even though i’m not nearly as cool as most of you.  even though i still have so much to figure out.  Anything is possible here.  I love blogs everywhere, but WordPress has won my heart.

Every day, I log in and wonder consumes me.  Right from my studio I meet the kindest, most courageous people.  I visit the most amazing places.  I learn the most interesting things.  I see sickest art!  I am hoping readers out there, and the blog police (i know you’re out there), will forgive me as i stumble through, make mistakes, and hopefully become a better writer, artist and blogger.

Just a heads up, I intend to experiment with my last post… posting it again in a few minutes with fewer tags to see if I’m able to get it to “go”.  Probably another rule I am breaking.  But here goes…

skyblue, xo

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