Tiny Still Life – Skyblue’s first attempt at a photo series?

Look inside the studio of an artist, a dancer, a yoga instructor, you might find a window into one’s soul.  I am enamored by the spaces these individuals create… whether it’s neat and tidy with a purpose of design, or an organically evolved chaotic jungle of art.  There is always movement, color, surprise – nothing ever stays the same for long. There is no type of room or space I find more invigorating.

One can easily find a window into the lovely spaces of artists just by doing a quick Google search or picking up some of the gorgeous magazines that showcase them. Every artist has their own style, process, inspirations  – no two are EVER the same.  The depths of an artist’s heart and mind are right there in front of you, in the form of a remodeled attic, or a messy backyard shed.  Do they surround themselves with clutter and chaos, or colorful bins and tidy shelves?  What kind of music do they listen to, or are they surrounded by sounds of the city, or birds?  Do they drink coffee, eat Twizzlers or sip exotic tea?  I can’t get enough of the books, and art supplies, the beautiful sketches and unfinished paintings.  I am not partial to painters… there’s potters, furniture builders, and dress designers.  That list is infinite.

Much joy can be found is in taking a closer look.  There is so much beauty in the unfinished painting, the piles of random fabric, and the dirty paint brushes that might be found throughout an artist’s studio.  I love to stop and notice these moments in the creative process, grab my snappy and capture the spontaneous splashes of color and light that bring you closer to the creator that dwells there.  These can be very intimate moments for the artist, not always easily shared or understood.  They say a little something extra about the artist and the art that is created there.  It feels innocently voyeuristic and exciting, and gives the artwork so much added dimension.

One day I would love to be able to take the time to travel the cities and countryside, visiting artists, dancers and others in their studios.  I dream of taking my camera, and my notebook and spending sunny mornings with those who would invite me.  I would humbly observe the artist at work, capturing tiny moments in their process, and tiny still lifes in their studios… those that might never be noticed otherwise.

Until then, I can draw inspiration from the images shared on the internet, and from the objects in my own little orange studio.  I often get distracted from my work by the lovely little gatherings of treasures and art supplies that move throughout my studio on a daily and hourly basis.  I might be making a painting, or putting together a gift-basket, or doing some yoga, when suddenly my snappy takes over.  The resulting images are scattered throughout my blog here, but I’ve decided I really LOVE these moments, and get so much inspiration from them.

I share these moments of solitude and joy and beautiful chaos in hopes that others will find theirs, and share them if they choose… in hopes that others will notice them too.

Here goes.  This tiny still life just happens to be from a basket I gave dad for his birthday.

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Have your own tiny still life to share? Respond and link us to yours.

skyblue, xo.

sky blue with daisies

Exhilaration is…what happens when i come home from work, go straight to little orange studio, crank up my Pandora, forget about work and responsibility, and just go wherever the music takes me.  Literally!  This is how i exercise.

Will I do some belly dancing? or lift some weights? or do some step aerobics?  How about some Yoga?  Ballet?  Maybe some Pilates?  Maybe I feel like just putting on a pretty skirt and dancing like I was on stage again (is that wierd? oh well.)

And my husband?  What does he think of his wife in the other room practicing torso undulations and snake arms… busting out in hour long dance routines? It used to freak him out when I first started doing it no doubt… but it doesn’t seem to phase him anymore.  he usually can’t help sneaking into the studio to come stand beside me in the mirror and…

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Confessions of a techically challenged, sometimes flaky, blogaholic.

Well… another lesson learned… somehow, in trying to tinker with my recent post, I deleted it.  entirely.  I didn’t even know you could do that.  Somehow i wiped out all evidence that it ever existed.  Or so I thought.  I figured out how to restore it under the “revisions” section, at least for the most part.  Thank goodness, because i was ugly for those 15 minutes I spent thinking it was lost forever.  In doing some more research, I also learned that my post didn’t post correctly because…I am ashamed to say… i have committed the ultimate sin of having too many tags on my post.  I am definitely not trying to clutter up WordPress… i am just indecisive, terrible at counting, and the post had a lot of “stuff” in it- but point understood, i get it now.  not a lot of tags.  15 Max!  Less is more!  i am learning on the fly (holla if you feel me), and this particular rule of etiquette is new for me. Oops, sorry friends. missed that one. This is not my first faux pas, and i am sure it will not my last!

Seriously, this whole blogging thing has my head spinning… and the formats keep changing (for the better typically) so I am doing my best to keep up.  But I love love love it – reading them, writing them, reading about them, fumbling around them, communicating with other readers and writers…. i feel at home here in the infinite blogosphere, even though i’m not nearly as cool as most of you.  even though i still have so much to figure out.  Anything is possible here.  I love blogs everywhere, but WordPress has won my heart.

Every day, I log in and wonder consumes me.  Right from my studio I meet the kindest, most courageous people.  I visit the most amazing places.  I learn the most interesting things.  I see sickest art!  I am hoping readers out there, and the blog police (i know you’re out there), will forgive me as i stumble through, make mistakes, and hopefully become a better writer, artist and blogger.

Just a heads up, I intend to experiment with my last post… posting it again in a few minutes with fewer tags to see if I’m able to get it to “go”.  Probably another rule I am breaking.  But here goes…

skyblue, xo

Come Dance with Me. The Story of Little Orange Studio

Exhilaration is…what happens when i come home from work, go straight to little orange studio, crank up my Pandora, forget about work and responsibility, and just go wherever the music takes me.  Literally!  This is how i exercise.

Will I do some belly dancing? or lift some weights? or do some step aerobics?  How about some Yoga?  Ballet?  Maybe some Pilates?  Maybe I feel like just putting on a pretty skirt and dancing like I was on stage again (is that wierd? oh well.)

And my husband?  What does he think of his wife in the other room practicing torso undulations and snake arms… busting out in hour long dance routines? It used to freak him out when I first started doing it no doubt… but it doesn’t seem to phase him anymore.  he usually can’t help sneaking into the studio to come stand beside me in the mirror and do his special guy-version of a hip shimmy… or he likes to tip toe up behind me and make inappropriate gestures when i’m doing yoga (hello? Downward Dog? we all know some of those poses clearly invite innocent spousal butt grabs).

My dance habits although a bit strange to others, are my most regular and effective form of exercise, and an endless source and outlet for creativity.  I go through constant ups and downs with regards to my commitment of keeping up a regular schedule.  I’ll start to feel really flexible and strong, and toned, and then i lose my steam.  I get lazy.  I procrastinate.  But ultimately, besides fair weather walking,  this is my main source of exercise. To understand this slightly odd hobby – dancing for hours in a special room of my house- and to understand why i do it and what it means to me, one must know some of my background.

image: First Lesson at Truempy Ballet School by Alfred Eisenstaedt

A brief (although wordy) history of my significant, but very humble, experiences in dance, movement, and fitness…

  • 1977 (I was 7, sure go ahead do the math).  I had known for “years” that i wanted to be a ballerina.  I had not learned yet that i was destined to suck at all sports and athletics.  I started going to ballet classes at a little school in Manchester. I Loved it, but I hated it.  I was addicted to the beauty of it and to the feeling of moving my body to music, but so incredibly challenged by the intensity of it all… so much pain…so competitive.  I couldn’t live without it, but I dreaded every muscle throbbing-toe bleeding class and rehearsal.  [How I loved you, Ms. Priscilla, even when you made me cry and made me do it 37 times, until it was perfect . I truly loved you despite the oozing blisters.]
  • My bedroom at the time becomes, part little girl’s room, part Grand Stage where my early “choreographies” are rehearsed, and performed for unsuspecting aunts and uncles.  I think I charged them each like one dollar.
  •  I did primarily ballet at my dance school, but i also did lot’s of jazz, and tap until I was about 22.  Tap and jazz were where i had the most fun (Who’s not having fun slinking around to Smooth Criminal, and tap dancing your heart out to 42nd Street!)… but ballet was still my first love.  The satin toe-shoes, the delicate tutu’s, the perfect pirouettes , the graceful arms and hands.  I was never the best in my class, and i only ever got a few solo parts, but i kept up with it…always knowing it was my foundation for being able to do any of the other stuff.  I spent many years performing in recitals and small town productions with my beloved first dance school.  My mom and dad were there for every performance, every class, every accomplishment, every smile, every tear.  My mom sewed my costumes.  My dad helped backstage… assembling Santa’s sleigh…he even helped tie up the unraveled ballet shoes of tiny sugarplums in the wings.
  • I went to college and joined the dance company there, which is the first time i was exposed to any other types of dance.  During this time I learned a little modern, and contemporary.  Performed a few times, tried some choreography.  Got a surprise marriage proposal from my dance partner, on stage, during a show, in front of our families and my entire college campus. (that wedding never did happen, but a very memorable “dance” moment!  and great man that i hope is living a happy, healthy life with a beautiful family somewhere. i didn’t deserve him.)
  • My mid-twenties…started dabbling in some step aerobics and learning to do light weight lifting, etc.
  • After college ended, I danced here and there until i was about 26 and then stopped.  I was too old for dance recitals, and didn’t know of any options other than traditional ballet and tap schools where i could continue dancing.
  • Started going to gyms more, learning how to use fitness equipment and taking group classes… aerobics, kickboxing, and the occasional yoga class [a little too new age and misunderstood by me at that time, but i was slightly and subconsciously intrigued].  My body looked and felt great, but I never loved going to the gym.  “What? No pretty costumes?  No beautiful music?  No fun choreographies? “Waahh… grown up exercise… yuck!”
  • Stopped moving altogether for a few years, besides some pretty steady nightclub dancing and the occasionally date on roller blades.
  • Mid-late 90’s, found a tiny little classified posting in the Advocate, for a belly dance class held in a used book store.  “Belly Dance? A Book Store? Interesting…”
  • 5 minutes into my first class…Hooked…I was going to be a dancer again.

  • Gradually found some more classes to take.  One of my early classes was a fusion of belly dance and yoga.  Hmmm… i was liking this yoga thing more and more… especially if i can do it while i’m belly dancing!
  • Started taking lots of belly dance classes and traveling for workshops… and performing a bit.  Hip Scarves! Silk Veils! Sparkly Costumes!  Fake Eyelashes! Exciting Music!  Classes with famous experts!  Dance camp with professionals and famous musicians! THIS WAS LIVING!
  • created a special exercise/belly dance area in my apartment at the time, doing more independent practice and study of belly dance, yoga, pilates, and fitness in general as I slowly and modestly transformed the space into my “dance room”.
  • I spent a few years doing local belly dance performances with other students for fun, for fundraisers, in restaurants… I met so many lovely, creative women.
  • Learned a bit more Yoga and Pilates with books, classes and workshops. Both feel very complimentary to my belly dancing.
  • Got a little stagnant with belly dance after a while.  Tried my hips at some Polynesian and Hula, knowing the music and movements would be equally as thrilling and beautiful.  The costumes were interesting too… I performed at a handful of gigs and parties … got to wear a few grass skirts, and yes… i had my own pair of coconuts.  I had a great time, met more lovely, creative women.
  • Decided to focus my efforts solely on belly dance once again… some classes, a workshop or two, another few performances… did a little teaching for beginners. Only stayed involved with the belly dance community for another year or so.  Life got in the way, as they say.  A few dear friends remain.

  • 2006, I moved.  I started creating a new space, a new room in my new house, where i could practice, play music, be comfortable, and feel inspired – and where I could paint the walls any color of the rainbow without losing a security deposit.
  • Today, I’m dancing again.  I get in an occasional funk with the seasons, my moods, or a temporary obstacle.  But I am dancing.


Little Orange Studio is where,

even though I am no longer formally involved in dance…

I am still a dancer. 

There are magical forces at work here.

This is where i get the movement and exercise my body craves.

This is where i am still able to be creative with choreography and improvisation. 

This is where I am the artist I have always wanted to be.

This is where I am the writer I never thought I could be.

This is where I heal, ease pain, and get stronger after the cancer.

This is where I am still a dancer.

This is where I will forever be…

ballerina, belly dance goddess…



My life of dance and movement gave me the vision to create these spaces where i live.  The space I have now is where i dance, exercise, and make artwork in harmony.  One inspires the other… inspires the other….they are not separate. Since having little orange studio, I have experienced the power it has over my creativity, inspiration, and motivation.  At any moment… early in the morning, or by the flicker of candle light and a full moon… you might find me in there making a necklace, doing sun salutations,  painting a canvas, dancing to middle eastern, acoustic or club music.  sometimes I’m wearing yoga pants and a hip scarf… other times i am decked head to toe in belly dance attire with swirling skirts, jingling coins, lipstick, and flowers in my hair.  No matter what you find me doing in there, there will be music playing, candles glowing, and incense burning.  No matter what you find me doing in there, i am being the most “me” I could ever be.

What inspires me about the sunny studio by the woods?  The warm colors… the delicate sunlight… the magical lamps… the shaggy rugs… the shelves of lovely books and treasures from my past… the whimsical paintings… the meticulously organized art supplies… my gorgeous [hand-made-by-hubby] table and flea market furniture… my cat sleeping in a basket of pretty scarves…the late-morning light that beams onto the colors and my skin.

One might agree, It’s not always easy to find motivation for exercise, or the recipe for creativity, or the wisdom to stop and listen to birds from a yoga mat.  “Real life” always seems to trump.  But putting petty excuses aside, there are no valid reasons for me not to want to go into this room and be creative, exercise, write, dance.  This is where i feel whole and strong. This is where my soul longs to spend its days.

Little OS is my story.  Here I can dance until i am 80 and create until earth’s journey ends.  I never have to retire my sparkly hip scarves or jingly coin belts!  I realize i may want to think twice about the sequin bra’s and coconut shells in a few years, although perky is no longer an issue for me, so who knows! (this can be further clarified for you by Dancing Rapunzel if curiosity now has the best of you)

ALLLLL this being said, I have secretly wished i could help other people create spaces like this for themselves, for whatever it is they want do do.  I don’t think i will have my little orange studio interior design company any time soon, but maybe someone will read this and try it for themselves.  and then poof.  it happens for them…  the magic.

My space happens to be a spare room in the back of my house tucked near the woods.  A cozy corner, a large closet, a patch of grass under a tree can work too.  Your space might be waiting, right before your eyes.  Give it some love.  Give it some You.

Let’s say you had an extra room or spare corner in your home…what would yours look like?  What would you do there?

Maybe you already have a space, that is your story, and you’ve just never told it.

My hope is that at least one kindred blogger or reader will find this post, and be inspired to create their own space to dance (or meditate, do situps, sew dresses, do yoga, make art…  ).

Exhilaration, Bliss, Spiritual Perfection, might be waiting for you there.

love, skyblue. xo.