Smokin’ Wii

o-m-G.  I can’t believe we bought in.  We bought the Wii Fit.  We actually look just like those people all over you tube!  (Why many of them need to be in their underwear, I’ll never know)

I like to think I have steered clear of most fitness trends, and weight loss gimmicks.  Most of my life i have been moderately active – more active than many people around me, but not even close to athletic.  I have made many half-hearted attempts to become a “gym-rat”, and I even got some fitness certifications here and there… but physically I was only doing enough to maintain a half-way decent figure and an ability to move about with relative ease.  For the past 2 years I have lost my way with this maintenance program… i have been moving less and less, becoming more and more tired, and i need to kick it up a notch before i become what i always said i would never… obese and immobile. i have to get back to doing all the things i used to “preach” to my students, family and friends… watch the posture, drink the water, breathe in and out, stretch and lengthen, vegetables, be active…

so the even larger challenge has been getting my husband on board to work out with me, and eat more mindfully…maybe lose a few pounds.  I think the Wii Fit may be just what we needed.  It seems to be creating a fun bit of competition between the two of us, and it’s getting us off the couch and moving.  together.  what more can i ask for from a really expensive (and slightly annoying) video game?  I hope by mixing the Wii in with other fitness activities that we enjoy, we will be successful in becoming a more active & fit couple.  I hope others will find ways they can too, become more healthy and active.

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The one thing we won’t do, is end up on you tube doing the invisible hula hoop… in our underwear.

e.j.l. xo

Testing… is this thing on?

this is just a test post.  i don’t have the patience to post anything of substance at the moment.  i’ve been working on some posts, and i just can’t take it anymore!  the cursor in my wordpress is possessed all of a sudden.  does this happen to anyone else?  paragraphs are being erased,  the cursor skips all over and suddenly i’m typing in the middle of a sentence i wrote 5 minutes ago.  the cursor doesn’t keep up with my typing, everything suddenly scrolls into a crooked mess… it’s like someone else is typing in my post remotely.  a phantom… one who is terrible at typing!!

it feels like i’m typing in gooey molasses.

so no pictures tonight.  no cats.  no poems.  no art.  no words of wisdom (i can say that now, i’m over forty).  nothing witty…

not until i figure out who dumped the molasses in my wordpress!!

… oh, ok!  i’ll insert one photo!  i can’t resist.

xo e.j.l.

p.s. there is at least a 50% chance that this molasses problem is user error, and i have accidentally done something to cause this.  I could use some help here people!!  Any ideas?  (-:

my husband keeps telling me, “just reboot!!”  ok.  i will try that.  see you next time.