Big lights will inspire you

Nothing energizes me and exhausts me, so acutely and simultaneously, as a busy weekend in New York City…especially a gorgeous sunny October weekend.  I can barely walk afterwards, i always gain about five pounds, but I can’t stop thinking about it’s beauty for days and weeks afterwards.  Beautiful streets, beautiful people…my senses max out as i try to take in every building, every face, every color, every word in lights.  I’d add, every smell… but there a few of those I could do without.  Many are delicious and lovely of course!  I feel like i am being yanked in fifty directions by sticky peanuts, greasy hotdogs, giant cookies, and tiny cupcakes.  Did I mention the pizza and ice-cream?  Ample Hills, Brooklyn, Shout-Out!!!

I often long to live in the city, to be able to experience it’s rich brilliance day in and day out, to be able to walk outside for miles and miles.  But visiting is pretty great too.  I tend to take a LOT of photos while i am there.  Someday I’ll get my “real” camera, and a clue how to use it, but for now I must express myself with my husband’s point and shoot.   This past weekend in NYC was especially breathtaking.  Thanks for coming with me, Amanda! Thanks again for having us Mel, Sean and Teru!

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absolutely inspired, sore as f*ck, and always hungry,

e.j.l. xOO

p.s. i think the only thing i forgot to take a picture of was the Ample Hills ice-cream shop in Brooklyn… i was very distracted.

p.s.s.  Brooklyn Flea… I did not forget about you!  I will save a separate blog post just for you!  (-:

11 thoughts on “Big lights will inspire you

  1. Yes, New York is definitely one of the greatest cities in the world, I am always invigorated and exhausted after a visit and amazed at how ingenious man is to have built something like that in 150 years or so…btw best to rotate your images before you upload them

  2. This was a great read, & the photos really made it. I’d just love to, love to visit. I get the impression of New York that you have to be really rich to live there – not for the average person. And it’s expensive to live in. Still, I’m sure in this life I could afford a visit. Saving, saving….

    • I hope you do get to visit someday! it is a lovely city, and i’m fortunate to be only a state away. Although i’m convinced it’s harder & more expensive to live in Connecticut sometimes. You get less square footage for your rent money in NY, but you walk out your door and the whole city is in the palm of your hand… and you can certainly live there without the expenses of a stupid car. (-:

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