10 thoughts on “Happy.

    • i know… i wish i was the photographer who took this… unfortunately i do not know who did. If someone does know I’ll be glad to give proper credit! i just had to spread the joy in this photo…human and turtle joy!

  1. Perhaps it’s my peculiar imagination, but this photo seems to me quite sinister.

    On one level, I see two mouths, wide open, one about to devour a plant, another, an animal.

    On another, I see a human treating an animal as a toy, albeit a living one.

    Or maybe I’ve just had a long week in work and need to put my feet up and relax for the weekend! Whatever, you can’t beat an image that gets the imagination going!

  2. It’s pretty crazy how the same image can make people feel or react in such different ways. I prefer when the images and thoughts I share bring smiles, but that’s art for you. (-: Thank you for sharing your thoughts… which i find very creative and thought provoking!

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