Brooklyn Flea, Here I Come!

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I recently went to a great flea market in CT.  It wasn’t anywhere near my house, but it was in CT and i appreciate that.  The Elephant’s Trunk was my first big flea market in such a long time, and oh my… it was delightful!  My husband had other words to describe it, but he enjoyed the fried dough.  He was a pretty good sport considering there were probably 800 other things he’d rather be doing, including getting his teeth cleaned.  We strolled up and down the isles overflowing with treasures… i saw a dozen things i thought i just had to have.  But I passed on most everything and only spent a dollar, and then we shared the dough and a root beer.  I thought it was a good time.  And it got my creative juices going.

Anyway, fleas are my newest mini-obsession.  Even though I’ve never been there, the Brooklyn Flea is my new favorite.  I love the story about the people who created it.  I will be going there soon I’ve decided.  Husband will not be invited on that trip.  I will spend all day there with my camera, my backpack, and some Twizzlers.  I will spend much more than a dollar. No one will stop me.  No one will rush me.

Really fantastic fleas are the sort of experiences i really crave and miss living out in the burbs of CT.  But I can always read blogs about fleas!  And I will go to the Brooklyn Flea.   It won’t be long…  I can feel it!

Anyone want to join me?  Mel?  Karen?  Careesah?  Amie?  You know you want to!  I will share my Twizzlers.

e.j.l. xo

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