Amazing fitness blogs from Tumblr

Amazing fitness blogs from Tumblr.

I haven’t been feeling inspired to write for some reason. Or maybe I just get so distracted by Freshly Pressed, and other peoples’ blogs.  I do love to read blogs.  I would imagine most blog writers do, but i don’t know any other bloggers.  Sometimes I read them to learn more about blogging and WordPress, but mostly i just enjoy the blogging world in general.  Little snippets of information, inspiration, ideas, opinions… bite size, and perfect for my challenged attention span. I get lost in the stories and photos, opening endless Mozilla tabs, until i get truly exhausted.

At the moment I’m just trying to do a quick press, linked from another blog about something I thought was interesting.  Some fun motivational fitness blogs.  And I’m also trying to learn how to use Post Tags.

So here goes… some amazing fitness blogs from Tumblr… lets see if it works….

e.j.l. xo

3 thoughts on “Amazing fitness blogs from Tumblr

  1. I’m the same way! I get onto the computer, ready to write, but then, right there on the homepage, so many beautiful blogs that are screaming to be read. I must! I always learn something new, but get little done myself. Good to know there is another kindred spirit out there in the blogosphere.

    • hi katherine, thanks so much for visiting and subscribing (i just learned to see my subscribers, and i believe you are my first!)… and neat, it seems you are also in the early stages of your blogging adventures. i really love your blog and i saw you just posted so can’t wait to read. Oh… and thank you for pulling me away from my blogging duties yet again, and for making me hungry again. (wink!)

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