little orange studio, i love you

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i am forever tidying up, moving stuff, hanging stuff, painting stuff, all in the an effort to create the perfectly inspiring space to do make art, write poetry, do yoga… some days i avoid the space – not feeling creative, too tired, too busy, the lighting is bad, its too cold, have a headache… if it’s an excuse, I’ve thought of it.  But on other days it’s hard to get me out of there.  If I had a sacred sort of space on this earth, this would be it.  If i were one of those life coaches, I would highly recommend creating a space like this, for yourself, in your own home if possible.  A place where you can feel inspired to do whatever it is you really want to do, really love to do… even on your craziest and laziest days.  One of my most ridiculous excuses is that if i can’t spend all day in there, i don’t want to go in there at all today.  Isn’t that bratty?  I decided that i need to just get my butt in there, every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes.  and maybe good things will happen.  Incense, mood lamps, a crazy coat of paint… whatever it takes to entice you into your special space.

e.j.l. xo

p.s. Tell me about your special space!  (-:

8 thoughts on “little orange studio, i love you

  1. I love your orange studio too! Orange is my favorite color. I painted my front exterior entrance and door 2 shades of orange paint I got at Lowe’s. One color is called Cherokee Rust and the other was called something kinda Southwestern (I can’t recall the exact name.) Anyway, they complement each other well. A lady I know who does Feng Shui consulting told me that orange is a good color for a front door of a dwelling. I didn’t know it at the time, but just went with my gut feeling about orange.

    • wow! your orange door sounds lovely… mine is lime green, but i’ve been thinking about a change.. (-: the name of my studio’s orange was Sherwin Williams Kumquat. My dad helped me paint it, his nickname being Captain Orange, because he LOVES orange. It’s my favorite room in the world. Thank you for visiting me! I must go to bed now.

  2. What a great little creative space! I agree that everyone needs to create a space, if possible, where they can go to hide in and let the creativity flow forth…Also love the way you have created an animated album of pictures. The space looks very warm and soothing. 🙂

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