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So maybe, I kind of hinted to some of my family members that i might enjoy one of those e-book readers come birthday/holiday time… and i haven’t felt right ever since.   I had never considered getting one… I never thought i would enjoy one, and i figured they were probably too high-tech for me.  But more than that, I thought they would probably be a passing trend because people would miss books, and their pages, their smells, textures, pictures, colors… But what the hell do i know because apparently everyone loves them. They talk about how much faster they are reading, and how convenient and compact they are… and this is all spoken with an extraordinary amount of enthusiasm.  I do not typically engage in further discussion over their changing relationship with books.  For a moment i may wonder, “do you miss anything about the books? Have any regrets?”  I assume they do.

So do I think I would enjoy this revolutionary gadget, given the overwhelmingly positive feedback? Sure I would.  Do I think they would be too high tech for me? Most Likely.  Would I miss books?  Of course i would! i would miss the sound of the pages when you flip them in the middle of the night. i would miss using my pink highlighters in them. i would miss being half done.   I would miss buying books for fifty cents at the second hand store.  I would miss stacking them in pretty little piles on shelves and cozy nooks in my house.  I would miss the graceful words curving over pages.  I would miss so many groovy book marks! i would miss the cute little fold in the middle! Aww.  What else? …Oh yes, libraries.  I suppose libraries have been centerpiece to some of the most special places in my certainly sheltered world.  The curious library next door to my house on Old Main St, only open on Monday and Thursday, with the Arrow heads and skulls upstairs.  The sailboat library that docked next to my grampa’s sailboat in the summer.  The orange town library that was orange inside because my dad designed it.   You probably get the point.

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So I am finding my place somewhere in the middle of this debate i’m having with myself.  I will love my e-reader (and boldly attempt to figure out how to work it) if i ever come across one.  and if i do, i will certainly never get rid of my beautiful, delicious books.

e.j.l. xo

What would you miss about your books?

What book would you miss the most?

11 thoughts on “books and crannies

  1. I was on the same page as you regarding ebook readers. Until I got my Kindle. I must say I love it. I do a lot of traveling so for me it is I can carry tons of books around with me all in one little device. I do still love books and have a whole library of them. I am also one of those people who has an active library membership – as old fashioned as that may seem these days – but yes I do love my Kindle. I especially love that I can find out of print favourites on Amazon and still enjoy them.

    • thanks! those are all my categories. i am not sure how i got it to look that way… i am not very technical so i just kind of wing it. awesome leather work you do. thanks for visiting! (-:

      • Okay thank you… categories. I usually don’t have too much of a problem but…. with word press.. I think it’s test..ha ha. And thank you!Notmuch of my work is here yet but with the categories ironed out maybe later I have more listed. My name is Larry.

      • wordpress has been somewhat of a challenge for me, but once you have the basic blog up there’s so much you can play with. I guess it’s good to work my left-brain once in a while. Best of luck to you with your art, your blog and Etsy shop! Erica

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  3. I’m glad you submitted this to Reader’s Choice (although shouldn’t the blog be called “Writer’s Choice”? I’m an avid reader and was also suspicious of the ereaders…until I decided I had to have one. At 50 I blessedly don’t need glasses yet except for fine print. But my eyes DO get tired, especially since I work on the computer a lot. My Nook lets me read the type size I want, without scrambling for a pair of reading glasses. I’ve also found that I read non-fiction more quickly. It’s a mental thing really: there are literally less words on a page, so those dense paragraphs and large pages of non-dialogue text look less intimidating. Anyway, I enjoyed this post and will probably visit again. Hooray for a love of books, in whatever medium!

    • Hello! I’m totally missing out… i know, EVERYONE i know loves loves loves there’s. As much as i love my tangible books, i’m actually dying to get a reader and the only reason i haven’t is money. I know i will read more… and this is something i haven’t even thought of! i have trouble reading for more than like 15 minutes because my eyes get so fatigued, i didn’t even know you could enlarge the words!! (-: Hooray for books!! thank you for visiting (-:

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  5. I don’t have one *yet* either. I do want one, though I won’t be getting rid of the well loved hard copies on my shelves. Nice post, I’m glad to have found Reader’s Choice 🙂

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