a fly in my studio

if there were a fly in my studio, I would not let it hang out for very long.  I would first attempt to shoo it out the door.  (I am a compassionate and very reasonable person).  But if that wasn’t working out I would not hesitate to demand my husband to take care of it by whatever means necessary.  Sorry, bug huggers.  I wish I could be like you.  The only critters that have a chance in my house are non-gross spiders who are minding your their own business, and lady bugs.  The rest will have to answer to my husband who will squish you, to my vacuum cleaner which will suck you into oblivion, or to my drinking glass which will suffocate you if my husband doesn’t find you there under the glass and squish you first.  If you are able to survive this triple threat, little bug friend, well… you deserve to live in my house and i will fear you as long as i dwell here.

I didn’t mean to go off on such a tangent.  I was simply going to tell you, that if there was a fly in my studio, this is what it might see.  (if it didn’t have all those creepy little eyeballs).

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e.j.l. xo

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