Hello Flower

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I’m no photographer, nor do I even take very good photos, but i do love photography.  And i love taking photos.  Digital cameras have made this much easier for someone like me, who could not make her way around an aperture very gracefully.  I still struggle technically in trying to capture what I’m feeling when i hear the shutter release.  I’ve decided i would stop worrying that I have no photography skills, and just to start photographing the things and people around me… whether it’s a crack in a rock, or a rusty mailbox, or a field of daisies… if it makes me look with wonder, i photograph it.  Luckily most of those photos end up on my hard drive where no one can see them, but there’s usually a few that seem to have captured the way something made me feel in that moment.

I’m usually noticing flowers wherever i go.  The shape of their petals, the delicious colors, their spirally vines.  But another thing I’m not very good at (probably even worse than photography), is horticulture.  So having a fancy garden is out of the question until Jamie Durie and crew show up at my house.  I suppose that i paint, draw, and photograph so many flowers, in my appreciation of them.   I can’t grow these flowers, but I can stop and say hello to them as often as I can, with my camera, my paintbrush, my leather tools…  Anyway, I do hope you find some joy in these recent photos taken while i was out and about this weekend.  Hello flower!

e.j.l. xo

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